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Ria Formosa bij Fuseta

Sunday and spring, a perfect day for walking through the Ria Formosa. We see a lost cyclist, walkers in sportswear and walkers with (and without) dogs, some still thickly wrapped, others again in shorts.

In mid-March, in Portugal you live with the sun, if it's gone, you have to put on something warm as soon as possible to avoid catching a cold, especially if there's a breeze, on the other hand, if the copper plume is shining: take off your jacket, vest and trousers!

The Ria Formosa, the salt flats between Fuseta and Olhão or rather up to the wooden bridge leading to Praia de Cavacos is our favourite.

This section is about 3 km long, you can walk along the (bike) path or across the salt flats and you will see beautiful flamingos, stilts, white herons, terns and sometimes a spoonbill, among others.

But also crabs:

After their winter hibernation and when the tide goes out, Fidler crabs come out of their hiding places to feed on algae, among other things. During high tide, they hide in self-dug burrows up to 60 cm deep.

The large scissors - up to half the body weight - of the males. are used to beckon and impress the females. Should these scissors perish in the battle for females, the small scissors grow back into a large one, and the stump becomes a small pair of scissors. handy because they eat using these smaller scissors.

Incidentally, the scissors are a delicacy in Portugal, though they are far too small and therefore too laborious for me....

From Fuseta-apartments: Bela Vista en Vista Mar it is an easy 5 minutes walk to the Ria Formosa. you can see it from the balcony and roof terrace.

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Fuseta view to islands - Fuseta apartments
wit blauwe achtergrond transparant

Bela Vista:
2 till 9/7
13/9 till 18/9
24/9 till 1-10

Vista Mar:
1/7 till 6/7
23 till 28-10


Fuseta Apartments

In the heart of the Ria Formosa, Algarve, Portugal

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