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  • Tips on air conditioning on holiday in Portugal

    Our apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioners. There is 1 large unit on the roof that supplies three, separately useable air conditioners, with either cooled or warm air. a so-called multi-split system. The air conditioners are automatic: set the air conditioner in the living room to 23 degrees in winter, for example, and the air conditioner will keep this constant and turn off when the desired setting is reached. In winter, because of colder outside temperatures and the way the air has to travel from the roof to the A/C, you may need to set the base temperature a little higher, e.g. to 25 or 26 degrees so that the whole room ends up nice and warm. In summer, of course, an air conditioner is very comfortable, especially in bedrooms. For optimal use, we recommend setting the temperature on the air conditioner just a few degrees lower than the outside temperature. For example, if it is 30 degrees outside, set the air conditioner to 26 degrees. Your body will get used to the higher outside temperature within a few days and if you set the temperature very low inside, your body will suffer a blow every time, resulting in (nose) colds, summer flu or, if you let the (too) cold air blow directly into your body, musculoskeletal problems. Our tip: turn on the bedroom air conditioning half an hour before you go to bed and you will sleep soundly. Both flats are fitted with durable sun protection film on all windows, sliding doors and patio doors to maximise views. The sun reflects off the film and so it stays cooler inside. Moreover, you are not bothered by prying eyes because of the mirror effect. We ask our guests to think about this when using the air conditioning: turn off the air conditioner when you leave close windows and doors when using the air conditioner do not cool or heat more rooms than necessary. Excessive temperature differences are uncomfortable With these tips on air-conditioning on holiday in Portugal, we combine sustainability and a smaller ecological footprint with luxury and comfort.

  • 2022 in Fuseta apartments Portugal novelties

    After 2021, as you could read in the newsletter at the time, had many ups and downs due to, among other things, Covid 19, the sale of Montinho da Luz, and the purchase of flat Vista Mar, 2022 went very well. We have welcomed many old and new guests and bookings for 2023 are also going very well. The flats Bela Vista and Vista Mar are well liked and the big advantage is that it is within walking distance of the beach and sea, and that cafes, restaurants and, for example, the train station and the Ria Formosa are only a few hundred metres away. But what did we all do? The website has been updated - continuous process - to make the information and experience as good as possible. We had videos of the flats made by Peter Groenendijk ( and we made several improvements: the roof terraces of both flats have been fitted with a retractable shade cloth the jacuzzis have been completely renovated, have a lift to easily lift the covers and the cushions in the hot-tubs have also been replaced new sun loungers and gas BBQs have been installed Vista Mar has a lounge set on the roof terrace and a new awning on the balcony There is a new -large- smart TV with streaming capabilities at Vista Mar Vista Mar has a new King size (180 x 200 cm) bed Bela Vista is pleased with the new outdoor dining table and Bela Vista has a new tiled wall in the bathroom Both roof terraces have been decorated with palms, Yuccas and other large plants. Of course, Herman has ensured that there is an automatic water supply. In both flats, in each bathroom there is shampoo and shower gel from Rituals, and there is international TV including all Dutch and Belgian channels but also several channels normally behind a pay wall (F1 TV, football, UK, Belgium etc). There is new furniture - including a new dining table and chairs, armchairs, and coffee tables - and curtains. The stairwell has been completely painted and the exterior of the apartment complex is now being addressed, in short everything is neat and beautifully white again.

  • Ria Formosa bij Fuseta

    Sunday and spring, a perfect day for walking through the Ria Formosa. We see a lost cyclist, walkers in sportswear and walkers with (and without) dogs, some still thickly wrapped, others again in shorts. In mid-March, in Portugal you live with the sun, if it's gone, you have to put on something warm as soon as possible to avoid catching a cold, especially if there's a breeze, on the other hand, if the copper plume is shining: take off your jacket, vest and trousers! The Ria Formosa, the salt flats between Fuseta and Olhão or rather up to the wooden bridge leading to Praia de Cavacos is our favourite. This section is about 3 km long, you can walk along the (bike) path or across the salt flats and you will see beautiful flamingos, stilts, white herons, terns and sometimes a spoonbill, among others. But also crabs: After their winter hibernation and when the tide goes out, Fidler crabs come out of their hiding places to feed on algae, among other things. During high tide, they hide in self-dug burrows up to 60 cm deep. The large scissors - up to half the body weight - of the males. are used to beckon and impress the females. Should these scissors perish in the battle for females, the small scissors grow back into a large one, and the stump becomes a small pair of scissors. handy because they eat using these smaller scissors. Incidentally, the scissors are a delicacy in Portugal, though they are far too small and therefore too laborious for me.... From Fuseta-apartments: Bela Vista en Vista Mar it is an easy 5 minutes walk to the Ria Formosa. you can see it from the balcony and roof terrace.

Fuseta view to islands - Fuseta apartments
wit blauwe achtergrond transparant

Bela Vista:
2 till 9/7
13/9 till 18/9
24/9 till 1-10

Vista Mar:
1/7 till 6/7
23 till 28-10


Fuseta Apartments

In the heart of the Ria Formosa, Algarve, Portugal

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